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When two of the largest builders in the state of Wisconsin planned to merge — thereby becoming the largest builder in the state — there were two very real, very considerable challenges this presented.

First, the innate perceptions of “big builders” — and the attendant consumer skepticism which would be compounded by the new partnership. You see, people tend to think that, when it comes to homebuilding, “big means bad” — and using marketing communications to solve this problem had been a historical problem for the existing brands (with track records of incredibly low quality perceptions).

Hence, for a number of reasons (including the noted perceptual challenge), Shine recommended the creation of a new brand. This, in turn, created our second challenge: Maintaining high consideration and lead volume for a truly “new” (read: unknown) brand. Meaning we needed to build a high-meaning, high-impact campaign that would drive awareness and consideration — fast — for the newly combined organization to fuel post-merger growth.

This campaign won back-to-back Effie Awards from the New York American Marketing Association for its performance.


Own the emotions of home ownership. It was a bold change for two organizations used to touting features and benefits. And it worked.

This campaign won back-to-back Effie Awards from the New York American Marketing Association for its performance. In sum, the comprehensive launch of the new Veridian Homes brand helped the newly combined organization realize the potential that its leaders had defined in the decision to merge and build anew.

Aided awareness reached 82% in just six months. Consumer perceptions increased at statistically significant levels on every key attribute. Consideration increased with both first-time and move-up buyers. And the organization increased leads 14% in a flat market — off the combined pre-merger base.

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“I didn't realize how different an ad agency could be until I started working with Shine. They cut straight to the point, roll up their sleeves and I think they've even swung a hammer or two over the years for us. In the end, their objective is the same as yours: Build sales.”

— David Simon, President