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Like all great things in life, Shine started out as an idea. An idea to make a difference. An idea to better serve clients. An idea for bigger, bolder, and brighter thinking. And that's what we've been doing since 2001.


Curt Hanke

Principal, CEO, Chief Strategist

Michael Kriefski


Emily Bohochik

Principal, Vice President, Group Account Director

Nick Newlin

Principal, Vice President, Group Account Director

James Breen

Partner, Associate Creative Director

Joe Fisher

Partner, Director of Operations

Angie Radecke

Partner, Controller

Alex Schmalz

Partner, Account Supervisor

Chris Sprangers

Partner, Director of Outdoor Brands

Ginny Stuesser

Media Director

Origin Story

We had an idea: Build a better breed of advertising agency.

Our vision: An agency less concerned with the dog-and-pony show, and more concerned with creatively-driven, results-based solutions. A place where client relationships and employee happiness are more than just empty promises in a pitch deck.

And so, in August 2001, we left the security of our VP positions at other agencies to form Shine Advertising Co. And while we started with no clients, no office space, and little cash to speak of, we did have the ultimate intangible: experience.

Having cut our teeth at agencies like Young & Rubicam, Grey Advertising and Campbell Mithun, we knew how to deliver big results for big-name clients. Just 43 days after hanging our proverbial shingle, we won our first client — and on the story goes, with client partnerships and success stories from coast-to-coast. Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Wisconsin cheese. Discover Card. Gore-Tex®. LaCrosse Footwear. GE Healthcare. You get the idea.

Over a decade and a half later, our vision and commitment remain firmly intact: to provide challenger thinking for bold brands — and to do so with unflinching honesty and unrelenting passion. No drama. No empty promises. Just good, old-fashioned work that works.

Shine on.