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Case Study: Digital Brand Campaign

Mizuno Running

Raising awareness of cause marketing activities

Case Studies / Mizuno Running


Mizuno USA needed to combat stagnation in awareness and overall brand perceptions. They conceived the “Run as One” campaign to serve as a platform through which to communicate and unify brand stories across a broad range of values-driven cause marketing initiatives.

Shine was tapped to translate this campaign, which had been built on communicating how the brand supports a disparate spectrum of organizations and initiatives – ranging from breast cancer awareness to the national forest foundation – into inspiring brand creative that also promoted Mizuno products and drove traffic to the website.

Primary campaign KPI of website traffic
was exceeded by 14X.


The Shine creative team collaborated with the Mizuno running team to hone the campaign messaging platform with a focus on the concept of Healthy Body & World. This concept unified the disparate components of Mizuno’s cause platform under a single, cohesive umbrella to provide the best opportunity for connecting with the target audience.

Connecting the campaign to these ideas aligned with macro trends towards healthier individual lifestyles and conscientiousness with regard to how personal choices impact the overall health of our planet and society.

“A HUGE THANK YOU to Shine United for the passion and determination to make “Forward We Go” happen. Having worked in this industry over 27 years, I’ve learned the value of a smart, patient process that delivers not only great work but is also rooted in measurable outcomes. I speak for everyone at Mizuno that Shine exceeded expectations every step of the way.”

— Chuck Couch, VP Running, Mizuno USA

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