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Case Study: Comprehensive eCommerce Launch

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Brand building from concept to shopping cart


Does the world need another premium leather men’s footwear and accessory brand? Or more precisely, is there a meaningful market opportunity for a disruptive, direct-to-consumer brand offering at an accessible price point? That was the question posed to Shine.

An answer in the affirmative was by no means a given, considering some daunting external forces at play. To wit: radical shifts throughout the channel, increasing (and changing) pressures on manufacturers and a more demanding consumer than ever before — not to mention literally dozens of competitive disruptors already in the mix, each seeking their own foothold in the coveted premium market segment.

We rolled up our sleeves and built a do-everything ecommerce campaign from the ground up. Name. Logo. Packaging. Photography.


Before the brand position and the brand identity was a more foundational question: Do we believe we can build a significant, profitable business? And so, our efforts started with a comprehensive category, target, competitive and media channel deep dive — leading to a brand and marketing proof of concept. In short order, we built a business case and strategic plan, including a detailed definition of our ambition, target, investment requirements, key metrics and startup and experimentation plan.

Next, we rolled up our sleeves and built a do-everything ecommerce campaign from the ground up. Name. Logo. Packaging. Photography. A sophisticated yet hard working website — wired for analytics and replete with a user-friendly KPI dashboard — surrounded by a targeted digital and social media campaign. In sum, a bold, disruptive platform to help our client gain their unfair share of attention, commerce and affinity — and earn their place in the premium men’s footwear and accessory category. Not to mention help evolve and shape an industry, one stylish-yet-sensible pair of shoes at a time.

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04 / Product Identity

“When I came to the decision to leave my corporate gig and launch a new bespoke brand of men’s footwear and accessories, the first call I made was to Shine. This is my third time working with Shine, and we have strong mutual trust based on soul-baring honesty — plus a level of collaboration and teamwork that have consistently delivered outstanding results.

“For this new venture together, we are bringing a disruptive, direct-to-consumer brand to market from the ground up. From the brand name to packaging, photography to social, e-commerce site to paid media, Shine has been a true partner at every step. Most importantly, Shine provided initial research to validate the concept of the business. From cutting edge creative and incredible copywriting to a digital team that is in a class by itself, Shine exemplifies what a relationship and partnership with an agency should be.”

— Mark Kohlenberg, CEO