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Driving consideration and trial for a breakthrough technology

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Over 6 million cases of healthcare-associated infection (HCAIs) occur in the U.S. and Europe each year — and around 136,000 will result in the death of a patient. And believe it or not, a significant proportion of these cases are a result of the contamination of the water flowing from the hand wash and shower facilities provided by the hospital.

That’s where our client Rada comes in, with a revolutionary new line of water controls and systems designed specifically for use in the healthcare setting. In short, these faucets and showers are capable of delivering precise temperature and flow — meaning they resist the transmission of disease, reduce the risk of scalding and use less water to boot. (Not to mention, they are stylish, easy to clean and intuitive to use — all big pain-points for modern hospital design.)

While we were handed a compelling proposition and a breakthrough technology from our overseas client, the challenges we faced in our U.S. launch were nevertheless significant — including an unknown European brand, skeptical target audiences and a medical advance that had nothing to do with medicine.

From clinics and surgical centers to patient rooms and public washrooms, demand has outpaced supply since the product launch.


Minimalist design meets pragmatic messaging. When you’re talking to plumbing engineers, hospital architects and facilities managers, it is critical to stop them in their tracks — and then quickly make a compelling case based on facts, figures and engaging (and customized) content.

Shine provided a “do-everything” campaign that included brand strategy, marketing communications planning, print advertising, collateral, digital marketing, website and content — all the way down to sales agency recruitment tools and “lunch and learn” presentations for plumbing engineers and healthcare architects. In other words, a truly turnkey program developed in a collaborative process with our entire client team across two continents.

From clinics and surgical centers to patient rooms and public washrooms, demand has outpaced supply since the product launch. Which means not just growing sales volume, but ultimately improved patient care.

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“We retained Shine to support our U.S. market entry. Throughout our engagement, Shine was dynamic and thorough, forensic in their approach and thoughtful in linking our brand activity back to our business plan. Shine brought huge enthusiasm, challenger thinking and big commitment to our collaboration — resulting in a better business plan and a high-impact launch campaign as a result of our partnership.”

— Eoin McQuone, Business Manager — Rada / A Kohler Co.