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News / July 09, 2014

Shine United Launches 2014 Poster Campaign for Madison Mallards

The Madison Mallards have successfully solidified their status as a summer tradition for baseball fans, selling out their ticketed seating at a faster rate than ever before. So even though attendance continues to increase, growing the general admission sales to the Great Dane Duck Blind remained an area of opportunity. The Duck Blind is a unique outfield ticket option that provides an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink block-party atmosphere that blends baseball, beer, food, and socializing.

Shine created a poster campaign that touts the Duck Blind as the perfect option for your summer happy hour. Focusing on the added values that go above and beyond baseball – sharing drinks with friends, mingling, and all you can eat and drink – the posters highlight the Duck Blind as a place for devoted baseball fans and beer lovers alike.

In order to stand out from the crowd, the creative is, well, bold, to say the least. The four posters feature comedic headlines touting the many ways people can have fun at the Duck Blind. As one poster points out, “You don't have to love baseball, but you better worship cold beer.” And for those with something other than baseball on their mind: “The more the merrier also applies to how many phone numbers you go home with.”

“Watch a Mallards game from the Duck Blind, and you'll see that they're taking America's pastime to another level. The atmosphere is positively energetic – even between innings,” says John Krull, creative director at Shine United. “This campaign is a direct reflection of the culture that is alive and well in the Duck Blind.”

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