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News / October 12, 2015

GORE-TEX® Product Technology Helps Runners Own the Run

New advertising campaign from Shine United helps show winter who's really in charge.

With winter looming on the horizon, millions of runners across the country are about to be cast indoors due to cold, wet and windy conditions that transform running from a joyful athletic escape into a miserable tale of numb toes and soggy socks. But this year, things are different, thanks to GORE-TEX® product technology.

With more and more running manufacturers including GORE-TEX® liners in their shoes — including Asics, Brooks and Saucony — more and more runners can fight back against winter's vindictive ways. Because when a shoe is armed with GORE-TEX® product technology, a runner's feet are protected in an environment that is windproof, waterproof and breathable — meaning more miles outdoors and fewer miles on the “dreadmill.”

Enter Shine United's new campaign, which touts the benefits of GORE-TEX® product technology in running shoes, an integrated effort that includes print advertising, digital advertising, pre-roll video advertising, social media, a new website, retailer materials and messaging at the GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon, for which the brand is the signature sponsor. The campaign breaks in November issues of Runner's World, Competitor and Women's Running, as well as display ads on, and other sites targeting road runners. Total campaign budget is approximately $2 million.

“WINTER IS A THIEF,” decries one of the print headlines in thick black type. The ad features a bold photograph of a pair of GORE-TEX®-empowered running shoes, surrounded and covered by a pile of snow. Copy reads, “With a cold heart and ice water coursing through its veins, it steals your freedom. Its sleet, slush and snow taking away your roads and your streets. Robbing you of that forever stretch of asphalt. But today, you lace up, and you run. You take to the pavement. You take to the paths. You take back what's rightfully yours. GORE-TEX® lining in running shoes. Waterproof. Windproof. Breathable.”

The campaign was inspired by consumer research that revealed the true pain that winter presents for many road runners for whom the sport is a critical part of their life.

“Talk to any runner in an inclement environment, and you'll hear the same thing: Mother Nature is a tough opponent to do battle with,” said Curt Hanke, Shine's founder, CEO and chief strategist. “But when you wear a pair of shoes empowered by GORE-TEX® product technology, something pretty magical happens. Your feet stay dry. Your toes stay warm. And you're able to get back out there, where you want to be, logging as many miles as you want, in spite of whatever conditions are thrown your way.”

The pre-roll video spot starts with stark images of some truly harsh winter conditions — snowy mountain vistas and close-ups of icy, muddy roads. “Winter is a bully,” the gravelly voiceover states. “Its sleet, slush and snow push you back indoors. But today, you take back your playground.”

"The social media effort features #OWNTHERUN, a hashtag that is also featured in print and digital advertising — designed to drive a wealth of user-generated content to the newly designed website, The site also includes more information on the technology, manufacturer brands that include the shoes and a retailer locator."

“A breakthrough technology in running deserves a breakthrough ad campaign,” said Shine's John Krull, partner and creative director. “This is an amazing innovation for people who love to run. Everyone we've met who has used shoes with GORE-TEX® liners in harsh weather conditions has been thrilled. As such, these ads aren't shy about touting the benefits of what this technology can do to help runners take back winter and get out on the open road.”

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